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Be able to set the scale\size of the symbolized data in the chart\symbology tab

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  • Symbology and Charting in ArcMAP

    Add the capability to lock in the size of symbol bar on the map (symbology: chart tab) and bar in the legend as you go from one year of data to the next using symbology exclusion queries.    Recommend being able to set the max attribute value the symbology is built-off of in the chart\symbology tab. 

    Background: Consider a map that shows the fisheries catch using bar charts on the map  As you exclude all other data except the year you are looking at, the size of your bar in the map shows the largest value that is not excluded  (divided by two).  The casual viewer of the map will then not realize that scale of the data is changing from year to year – and hence producing what could be construed as a misleading set of maps. 

    A current work around is to bring up the attribute table in an Editing session and manually type in the largest value in the total time series (all years) with that point\bar outside the view extent of the map.  All the catch bars adjust off of that max amount - but this is inefficient, time consuming and error prone. 
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    Posted by   slewis1008  to ArcGIS DesktopFederal Government Aug 1, 2012

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